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Oulun kiipeilyseura 91 ry

Oulun kiipeilyseura 91 ry is an association of climbers in Oulu area. We aim to keep climbers active in the area by offering climbing walls and a variety of courses related to different forms of climbing. Members also get to go on climbing trips arranged as well as access to equipment for rent.

We also offer events by request, involving rappelling from suitable constructions and private climbing events both on inside walls and suitable cliffs.

Membership fee for year 2019 is 92€ (includes insurance, Kiipeily-magazine and access to our courses), or 49€ which covers everything else but the insurance, magazine and courses. For the money, you get free climbing hours every Tuesday at Oulun kiipeilykeskus (19.45-21.45) and every Sunday at the ice tower. See the training schedules here.

As our pages unfortunately exist only in Finnish, you can get more information by asking in the discussion forum or in the Facebook group. You can also join us on Tuesdays at 19:45-21:45 in Oulun kiipeilykeskus!

Tulevia kursseja