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The Oulu Climbing Association organizes climbing courses of various levelsTämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on IMG_20220313_121159-769x1024.jpg throughout the year.

We organize basic wall climbing courses, for example on the schools’ own climbing walls. We also help you get started safely climbing activites. We can also organize basic wall climbing courses at Puolivälinkangas Youth Center and Virpiniemi Sports College. Put a message to us and we can plan the course to your needs

In the winter, we organize basic ice climbing courses and advanced ice climbing courses in Korouma. The basic course in ice climbing is a versatile package of basics of ice climbing: anchor building, descent, ice climbing technique, the depends of according to the course wishes and conditions in Korouoma. You can come to the advanced course in ice climbing when you master the basic skills of ice climbing and the inner wall lead climbing is successful. Over the weekend, we will learn about ice leading, multipitch operations, stand operations, and abseiling on abakalov. When you come to the course, you have to be a member of the climbing club, the courses are held in Korouoma and you can get there on a Friday night and go home on a Sunday night.

In the spring and summer, we organize basic rock climbing courses as wellOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA as advanced or lead courses. In the basic course in rock climbing, we will go deeper into anchor building, abseiling, outdoor rock climbing and other special features of rock climbing. In the advanced course in rock climbing, we learn how to lead without bolts, the correct installation of camu and nuts, multipitch operations and stand operations. We organize basic rock climbing courses at Patamankallio and Sonka, advanced courses at Dödlarsberget and Lofoten. The courses are intended for members of the climbing club.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Climbing club also organizes rescue courses for members, which cover the most common problem situations and solutions for outdoor climbing.

Course times and registration
The dates of the courses are announced on the front page and on the club’s Facebook page. Questions about the courses? If you have questions send an email to Mostly the courses are in finnish, but feel free to ask if you can join in english. 

The trainers of the club
The courses have the main responsibility of the club’s trainer, depending on the level of the course. The assistant trainers are the club’s instructors.

Rock Climbing Instructor Samuli Pekkanen. With an encouraging touch, Samuli makes the students join and transcend themselves. Samuli is always encouraging and advising the course participants. He knows Korouoma as his own pocket and the course cliffs of Finland are also familiar. Samuli has just started his UIAA mountain guide studies.

Mountain guide aspirant Sami “Karva” Haapasalmi guides his companions to the secrets of ice climbing and rock climbing. Oulu’s own mountain guide has a relaxed style and icy experience in climbing and nature. Karva doesn’t run out of stories and he pays attention to everything and everyone along the way.

Rock Climbing Instructor Pekka “Peke” Tuomi can be found most often at the climbing center with cafe Latte at his hand. An active climber who knows everything about climbing equipment, guides and coaches young climbers. Pekka runs the rock and ice courses flexibly.

Ice climbing instructor Heidi Pienipaavola is the club’s only full-time employee. Heidin can be found on weekdays at the climbing center with the juniors climbing groups or in the club’s equipment store. A variety of assignments and events are captivating, and Heidi takes basic courses on ice and rock courses. 

Henri Länsipuro is almost ready the Rock Climbing Instructor. Although Henri is sometimes less into climbing, the basic iron fitness and active work and hobby life keep the man ready to take courses. The long climbing background can also be seen in Henri’s guidance. The Italian Alps with their great climbing routes is a landscape of Henri’s mind.